Odemar Costa

Brazilian Portuguese voice-over
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If you need a Brazilian Portuguese voice-over talent for e-learning courses or video audio-projects, who are you going to call?

Odemar Costa, a mature voice-over talent,
who started working as a professional narrator and voice talent in 1956 at the tender age of 14. Odemar is a well rounded professional in the Brazilian's audio-visual market. Only a handfull Brazilian Portuguese voice-over talents have recorded as many commercial and industrial videos as Odemar.

Odemar Costa lives in São Paulo, the largest Brazilian center of video and audio production, where he records in his state-of-the-art home studio. Your script willl promptly arrive on your hands via e-mail or ftp with a pristine sound quality, perfectly edited and mixed.

Many foreign video-producers look for Odemar’s experienced voice talent for their industrial and e-learning videos, satisfying the international market need for a truly talented professional narration.

If what you’re looking for is a convincing, warm, vibrant yet soft voice to sell in the Brazilian market, don’t look any further – Odemar Costa is your man.

Don’t miss this rare chance to hear on this page Odemar’s talent in some samples he’d recorded for the international market.

In the "portfólio" page of Odemar Costa’s website, you’ll find 20 voice samples with outstanding Brazilian advertising clients. Go to www.odemarcosta.com and learn about Odemar Costa’ s background. If your client is looking for a convincing Brazilian voice-over talent for his video or audio production, there’s only one way to go, Odemar Costa’s way… or his digital home studio, period!

You may contact Odemar Costa at locutor@odemarcosta.com or by phone (55) 11-7628-0018 in São Paulo, Brazil. The right way to reach millions of Brazilians with one voice, Odemar’s voice. It’s a win-win situation for you and your client.



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